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NOW ON THE AIR ON 1206 kHz and on-line from

Try these links and listen live until 14th August, 2023;

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The 'Pirate Radio' Event of the Year!

Come and be part of it!  On the 12th August see 'Roger "Twiggy" Day's Pirate Radio Hits Show' on stage at The Spa Pavilion Felixstowe with Dave Berry, Vanity Fare and Chris Farlowe. Plus on the 13th August The "Radio Days - 2023 Pirate Radio Conference" with Deejays and fans - Talks & Discussions with Susan Moore - daughter of the Radio City bosses Reg & Dorothy Calvert, Norman Barrington's Pirate Radio Jingles Extravaganza plus talks on Radio Caroline, RNI & Radio Laser. This is followed by a 'Pirates Banquet 3 course Meal' with after dinner speakers. Your chance to hear some of the amusing stories from the days of 'watery wireless'! The following day on the 14th August, which is the 56th anniversary of the passing of the 'Marine Offences Act' - we shall be taking 'The Last Tender' - a fast vessel with the Deejays to lay memorial wreaths at sea, close to where the original MV Caroline, MV Laissez Faire, MV Galaxy and MV Mi Amigo were anchored. You can tune in and hear live commentary on 1206 kHz as Radio London will transmit a special programme called 'Voices From The Sea' together with the Deejay voices and songs from the past from the relevant stations.

There's never been anything like it!  Make sure you're around to enjoy the nostalgia!

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Still Wonderful... After all those Years!

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What we'll

be doing...

We'll be celebrating the great days of 'Pirate Radio' on AM radio and online. We'll be playing many of the songs made famous by the stations from our 'golden turntables' with some of the original 'Pirate Radio' Deejays like Roger 'Twiggy' Day, Paul May, Ian Damon, Rosko and Ray Anderson.

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A pre selected range of  30" Radio Commercials spread over a 17 day period.

Special Package deal prices start at £100 + VAT

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Like to be involved?

Calling all former 'Pirate Radio' Deejays...

Come and do a programme or two! We're also looking for experienced newsreaders, admin staff for phones and competitions, merchandising shop and a tea person,

of course!

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